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Primetime On Demand
Hulu-like video recorder and player web application
HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/AJAX - Interactive
(not connected to server)

Media Manager Dashboard
Digital Signage creation and scheduling web app
HTML/CSS/jQuery/AJAX - Interactive
Soft Remote Control
Phone/tablet application, designed to handle multiple monitors with multiple inputs
jQuery-Mobile - Interactive

Sitebuilder Application
Design and Front-End development - View Images
Sitebuilder site-style selector (part of Sitebuilder appliction that let users select their site style)
Design and Front-End development - Interactive

Panoptic Security
ExpertPCI™ Web Application
Design and Front-End development - View Images
Directing Resume Site
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Quantum Intent
Visit site
Amit Method
Visit site
CR England Trucking
Visit site
Backstage Utah
Design and Development (css3 & jquery)
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Dragon Studios
Design and Development
Visit site
Around the Globe
Design and Development
Visit site
Tai Chi Yoga Movement
Design and Development
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Steam Xtreme
Design and Development
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Online Ads

Presentation Graphics




Trade Shows


Posters, flyers and signage


JC Carter

JC has designed websites, graphics and logos for a variety of companies, and provided consulting for SEO, social media, Pay Per Click campaigns, and all other types of web marketing services to the SMB market.

Core Compentencies

User Interface Design | Web Design and Management | HTML/CSS/jQuery | SEO Compliant Design | Graphic Design | Marketing Design

If you were told you need to be on Facebook or Twitter to improve your business and don't know why or how, if you have a great website that nobody can find, if you're looking for something new in your web, print or branding, or if you are looking to have some new graphics created... I can help. Use the form below to send me an email.

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